Monday, February 2, 2009

Port of San Diego’s Urban Trees Exhibit Goes Viral

Major kudos to the Port of San Diego:

“OMG, text messaging has come to the Port. This new form of Port communication was unveiled when the Public Art department rolled out its fifth installment of Urban Trees. Text messaging, or texting, is sending out "short" text messages from mobile phones using the Short Message Service (SMS). It is available on most digital mobile phones. On each of the 31 Urban Tree sculptures is a title plaque that credits the artist and Port for the exhibit. Also included is the short code 69944. By typing, or texting, a unique code assigned to each tree, text users can receive additional information about the artwork.

To see how text messaging works with the Port's Urban Tree exhibit, send a text message on your cell phone to 69944. In the body of the message, type "TREE01" and you will receive a reply with information about the tree titled "Ramble On." For more information on other trees, just swap out "01" for another number, up to 31. Standard text rates apply.”

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