Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Grand Hyatt Grand Slam Home Run Derby

To show their love and support for the San Diego Padres, the Manchester Grand Hyatt is offering a special promotion. Bring your Padres game ticket to the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego and receive a discount on guest rooms, restaurants, food and beverage outlets, spa and local catering services. Each home game ticket is worth an automatic 10% off! In addition, for every Padres Home Run hit per game at Petco Park:
  • 1 Home Run Receive 20% off
  • 2 Home Runs Receive 30% off
  • 3 Home Runs Receive 40% off
  • 4 Home Runs Receive 50% off
  • Grand Slam Automatic 50% off
Offer valid April 6, 2009 to March 31, 2010. For more information please call 619 232 1234.

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  1. San Diego Padres should be always competitive enough to keep pace with the others. I really like them; they’ve always been my favourite teams in MLB. Just read about them here: